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Name:Eloise-Jennifer aka JAK
Birthdate:May 7
Location:Milwaukie, Oregon, United States of America

My name is Eloise-Jennifer. You can call me either. All are welcome in my journal, as long as you're nice to me and don't call me names (only if they're in jest of course). I'm very laid back and pretty easy to get along with I hear. So, if we have common interests and you want to learn about my life just click the link below and tell me about yourself. :)

Please read and comment in this post before you friend me! I will NOT friend you back if you just add me.

- DO NOT, under any circumstances, share my art with its models (Tokio Hotel, Bushido, etc) without my permission.
- Do not repost the unwatermarked versions.
- Do not edit my art in any way, unless you have my permission.
- Do not claim my art as yours.
- Do not print and sell my artwork. That's my job.
- Please enjoy it and ask if you have any questions.

All of my fanfiction is public. If you wish to translate any of it, please ask me first. Thank you. [info]rc7_fic


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